Infinity Bar Disposable Vape

Experience vaping liberation with Smoka Vape NZ's Infinity Bar series—an inventive line of disposable vapes transforming your journey.

Featuring an expansive 8ml e-liquid capacity and a robust 900mAh battery, each Infinity Bar device delivers up to 3000 puffs of unmatched vaping pleasure. Engineered with a 1.3Ω resistance, these gadgets promise a consistently smooth and gratifying draw on every inhale.

The Infinity Bar series presents a diverse range of flavors crafted to entice your taste receptors.

Ice Blueberry: A beloved blend of sweet blueberries with a cool, refreshing ice touch. Loved by both seasoned and new vapers for its delightful taste.

Cherry Lemonade: Cherries atop a glass of chilled lemonade; a treat for cherry lovers in this sweet lemony concoction.

Strawberry Peach: A summer symphony with ripe strawberries and sweet peaches, capturing the essence of the season.

Blackcurrant Frozen Pineapple: A fusion of blackcurrant and pineapple with a refreshing icy finish, balancing sweet and sour.

Watermelon Melon Iced Lemonade: Juicy watermelon and sweet melons paired with ice-cold lemonade; a delightful treat anytime.

Tailor your vape experience with nicotine strengths available in 35mg and 50mg, catering to diverse preferences. Explore the harmonious blend of satisfaction and flavor intensity with Smoka Vape NZ's Infinity Bar series.

Dive into the exceptional world of the Infinity Bar, where innovation and flavors unite to elevate your vaping encounters. Discover the epitome of convenience, reliability, and exceptional taste with Smoka Vape NZ's Infinity Bar series—a testament to the sophistication of disposable vape artistry.

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