Ultra Bar Disposable Vape

Embark on an exciting flavor journey with Smoka Vape NZ's Ultra Bar Disposable Vape series.

Immerse yourself in a divine assortment of fruity delights designed to electrify your taste buds. Ultra Bar promises an exceptional vaping escapade that will captivate your senses.

Unveiling the pinnacle of vaping innovation, our latest device boasts impressive features. With a substantial 9mL capacity, enjoy extended vape sessions without constant refills. The robust 550mAh battery ensures lasting power, offering up to 6000 puffs for an uninterrupted experience. Equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, recharging is swift and effortless.

Ultra Bar's Exquisite Flavors

Blueberry Raspberry: Indulge in a rich blend of assorted berries that leave you longing for more.

Peach Ice: Delight your senses with sweet and cool vibes, a fusion of juicy peach slices and a touch of ice.

Strawberry Lemonade: Experience a classic ice-cold lemonade infused with the sweetness of juicy strawberries.

Watermelon Apple Ice: Quench your thirst with a delightful mix of ripe watermelon, sweet apples, and a hint of ice.

Green Grape: Explore a unique twist on the timeless grape taste with a delightful touch of sourness in Green Grape.

Customize your nicotine intake with a perfect 3.5% (35mg) strength, offering a tailored experience. The advanced mesh coils, featuring a 1.2-ohm resistance, ensure thick, flavorful clouds, elevating your vaping pleasure to unparalleled heights.

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