V5 Disposable Vape

Introducing the V5 series from Smoka Vape NZ—an unparalleled disposable vape that combines ease and satisfaction.

With an impressive 7.5ml capacity, the V5 ensures lasting enjoyment. Supported by an 1100mah battery, it guarantees consistent performance, enhanced by a 1.2Ω resistance for optimal flavor and vapor production.

Each V5 Disposable Vape pod features an exotic fruity profile. From the juicy Gummy Strawberry to the refreshing Ice Strawberry Guava and invigorating Peach Ice, each flavor promises a unique experience.

Embark on a journey with Ice Strawberry Guava's fusion of guava and ice. Raspberry Ice delights with its pristine raspberries and icy touch. Gummy Strawberry satisfies like strawberry bubble gum. Strawberry Grape offers a blend of grape, strawberries, and assorted berries with a hint of ice. Peach Ice delivers succulent peach and refreshing coolness.

The V5 Disposable Vape series prioritizes performance. With 7.5ml pre-filled with premium nicotine salt e-liquid at 50mg strength, these pods ensure a satisfying hit.

Backed by an impressive 1100mah battery, these pods last up to 2500 puffs. The 1.2Ω resistance guarantees a balanced vaping experience, blending vapor and flavor harmoniously.

More than a disposable vape, the V5 series by Smoka Vape NZ is a flavor universe. Whether a seasoned vaper or beginner, the V5 series offers a journey through exceptional flavors, high-capacity pods, and reliable performance, redefining your vaping experience.

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