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Nicotine Concentration

11.4mg/ml, 22.80mg/ml

Flavor Profile

Sweet Strawberry, Chewy Candy





Bite on this! Chewberry is made up of succulent sizable chunks of juicy strawberries and sweet chewy candy. Indulge in this sweet organic product and delightful chewy confection that will leave you craving more. Chewberry is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.


  • Keep out of reach of children or pets.
  • Wash contact area thoroughly if skin, eye or mouth contact with the substance occurs.
  • Do not swallow. If taken into the mouth, rinse mouth thoroughly.
  • Contact 0800 POISON (0800 764 766) for advice if swallowed.
  • Seek medical advice if you feel unwell after contact with the substance or use of this product.
Kiwi Vapor Chewberry Nicotine Salt E-liquid | Smoka Vape NZ

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